Your guide in the world of meat

Norvida sells meat to retailers and professional kitchens. Evidently, we are a Swedish company with Swedish quality requirements and an extensive knowledge in our field. We are happy to guide you through all of our brands and products to help you identify exactly what meat products you need. Tasty, sustainable, and profitable meat – all year round.

Welcome to our world of quality meats!

Our manifesto

Times are changing. Business is no longer just about buying and selling – at least not for us. Meat is what we know, and it’s what we love. That’s why we put all our time and energy into helping as many people as we can, not to buy as much meat as possible, but to buy meat which satisfies the needs of today and tomorrow for taste, fairness, sustainability and profitability. Fifty-two weeks per year, this year and every year.

Norvida’s 52-week promise

We promise to always have our most important products ready for delivery and always at the same, consistent quality – whatever time of year you need them.

The people here are passionate about meat. Our families are pretty tired of hearing about it all the time. But our customers appreciate it

Jörgen Levin, CEO