Our employees


Johanna Janhager

Quality and sustainability

Johan Hållbus


Christer Andersson


Calle Ramvall

Quality and Sustainability Director

Tomas Wedhäll

IT- & Logistic Manager

Marie-Louise Ankersson

Business Development Manager, Food Service

Johan Axenbjer

Head of Commercial

Anders Andersson

Purchasing Director

Ulf Malmborg

Key Account Manager

Åsa Röjhammar

Sales Coordinator

Monica Sidbäck

Key Account Manager

Jens Blomqvist

Key Account Manager

Magnus Svensson

Supply chain Manager

Sandra Dahlin

Purchasing Coordinator

Tobias Carlsson

Business Controller

Camilla Nilsson


Marie Ahlberg

Accounting Manager

Jenny Enström

Financial assistant

Göran Pärlklo

Business Area Manager, Köttkultur™

Mattias Hultin

Key Account Manager Köttkultur™, Stockholm

Martin Olsson

Key Account Manager Köttkultur™, South/West

Niclas Montelius

Key Account Manager Köttkultur™, Stockholm

Fredrik Holmström

Supply chain Köttkultur™

Sarah Bylin

Purchasing Coordinator

Kristian Svälas

Purchasing Coordinator


Tia Laurikainen

Purchasing Coordinator

Kim Forsman

Head of Sales

Niko Molin

Key Account Manager

Nana Karalahti

Order Coordinator

Sakari Tarhonen

Managing Director, Finland


Rian Carvalho Silva

Quality Control, South America

Joao Schimansky Netto

Sourcing Manager, South America

Leandro Vanci

Supply Chain Manager

Carlos Barbieri