Once upon a time, we dreamed of becoming the best meat supplier in Sweden. Today, our ambitions stretch further than that.

Times are changing. Business is no longer just about buying and selling – at least not for us. Meat is what we know, and it’s what we love. That’s why we’re putting all our time and energy into helping as many people as we can, not to buy as much meat as possible, but to buy meat which satisfies the needs of today and tomorrow for taste, fairness, sustainability and profitability. Fifty-two weeks per year, this year and every year.

For example, what meat is best for which dish? And how do you know what time of year braising steak from Australia is better than braising steak from Canada, or vice versa? What meat should you buy today – for the best outcome at your specific meat counter, or restaurant, or for the specific customer base who choose to come and visit your business? Then comes the question of meat and sustainability. Livestock farming, grazing pastures, feed, antibiotics, climate, transportation and everything in between.


Identifying whether meat from a certain supplier meets sensible sustainability requirements can be complicated without an acute understanding of everything that affects the wellbeing of the animals, of nature and of the climate. You can rest assured that we have that acute understanding. In addition, we take great care to describe everything in a clear and intelligible way – no matter whether you want all the details or just a reliable overview. For us, it is just as important that we can answer all your questions as it is for you to be able to help your own customers with tips, advice and answers around sustainability.

That’s why we no longer want to be just the best meat supplier in Sweden.

No, we’ve raised the bar. We want to be your partner and provide you with guidance in the world of meat.