Always tasty, fair, sustainable and profitable.

Norvida exists to help you out in all things meat. This means it is important we have everything you need. And that is why we have a lot for you to choose from. In total, we have ten different brands and somewhere in the region of 300 different products. Meats with different flavours at different prices, for different purposes and from different animals. But no matter what products you choose, the meat will always be tasty, fair, sustainable and profitable. Presumably you’ll need a bit of help choosing. Our meat advisors will be all too happy to help. But before you get in touch, you can take a look at our menu. This will give you a quick introduction to everything from our unique flavour sensations to some smart time-savers.

Norvida’s 52-week promise

Just like most other food products, meat is seasonal. This is entirely natural, but it is often a problem for retailers and restaurants who want to offer their guests and customers the same consistent quality each and every day of the year. That’s why Norvida has a 52-week promise.

This means that our most important products are always ready for delivery and always at the same high level of quality.

Take our Naturkött brand from South America for example: This is grass-fed beef. The final product therefore depends on the quality and availability of the grass where cattle graze – something which naturally varies depending on the weather, season and geographic location.

That is why Norvida may source its meat from different locations at different times of the year. This doesn’t mean we switch suppliers willy-nilly. On the contrary: we draw up annual plans together with our producers. This way, we can be sure to meet our customers’ needs for good-quality meat 52 weeks per year, while also nurturing the trusted and long-term relationships that Norvida has with its suppliers, all year round.