Vår historia

Norvida grundades i Stockholm 1990, under namnet North Trade. John Wallmark, med bakgrund från den tidens marknadsledare, slog sig ihop med fyra andra med ambitionen att förnya branschen. ”Vi ska marknadsföra produkter som vi med gott samvete kan bjuda våra allra bästa vänner på.”

Five years later, in 1995, Sweden joins the EU, and this makes it possible to select meat from many different producers across many different countries. That same year, North Trade becomes the first Scandinavian company to set itself up in South America. A place where you can find meat from animals that roam free all year round and live off what nature has to offer. Wallmark and North Trade begin to import this meat to Sweden under the brand name Naturkött – natural meat.

By 1999, North Trade is well established in Sweden. Its biggest customers are in restaurants and industry. A year later, the company sets its sights on the retail trade. The business enters an expansion phase under the management of its new CEO, Johan Hållbus.

In 2003, North Trade opens a sales office in Finland and gets its first representation in Brazil in order to guarantee the quality of products being launched on the Nordic retail market. The company is then bought by Procuritas in 2006.

The following year, North Trade establishes its own subsidiary in Brazil. Its primary tasks are to control and plan production, to drive forward sustainability work and to develop products on site. Work continues on developing products that are suitable for the Nordic consumer market. This is undertaken in collaboration with a small number of producers, and by 2011 almost 90 percent of the company’s sales stem from its own portfolio of brands, which is now comprised of six different names: Naturkött, Happy Chef, John’s Selection, Naturligtvis, Farmfield and Evryday.

In 2012, the company’s management buys it out from Procuritas and marks this epoch with a change of name. From this point the company is known as Norvida AB.

Between 2015 and 2016, Norvida launches several new premium brands including products such as Iberian Bellota pork and grain-fed Angus beef from Canada.

A new strategic growth plan is adopted in 2020. Growth shall be secured through making Norvida into Sweden’s best supplier of quality meat in the retail sector, through closer collaboration with end consumers in the food service segment and via international expansion. As a part of this focus on retail, the company launches a new consumer brand named Köttkultur with the strapline: “Eat better meat, not more”.

To create closer customer and consumer reach, in 2020 Norvida acquires M. Seger Eftr, a renowned brand with both retail, dining and catering elements – in other words, a strategically important combination of retail and food service in the newly reopened and historic Östermalmshallen food hall in Stockholm.

Norvida’s co-owned company in Norway – Chill Foods – is sold, however collaboration around the Naturkött brand continues with new owners. The successful launch of Köttkultur paves the way for a new and close relationship with the company Specialchark, which begins producing artisan sausage products for the brand before then taking on the handling and packaging of the entire Köttkultur range.

2021, Norvida becomes a minority owner of the company and together they build a new facility for charcuterie production and meat processing in Stockholm.

John Wallmark